Following the impact of Covid-19 we closed our doors for around 4 months to comply with the government’s regulations on public safety. During that time, we have given a lot of thought about what to do and what to offer our customers, much like a lot of small businesses out there.

Given how our wonderful property lends itself to a Drive Thru facility, and that a lot of people pass our property on their way to the coast on the A614, we made the decision to open up as a Drive Thru, for those going to the coast and for locals who want to do their shop safely (and grab a delicious sandwich at the same time!)

You can either drive straight through using the intercom and drive straight off…. Or you can park up, walk up and place your order and have your order delivered to your car or to one of our outside seating areas.

It’s entirely up to you!

You can also use our click and collect facility to pick up your online farm shop order through our Drive Thru, or if you’d like to see what’s on offer on the day, take a look at our blackboard or ask one of our friendly members of staff.